how to open a can quietly

How To Open A Can Quietly

Muffling the sound of a can opening has benefits as strange as it may appear. Beverages have become so common that people rarely think about how noisy they may be when opened. However, here are some ideas to consider if you want to open one quietly.

Why Are Cans Noisy To Open?

The pressure within a coke bottle is considerably more significant than the pressure outside the bottle. This aids in keeping the beverage carbonated. That is, the higher pressure at the liquid’s surface inside the bottle encourages bubbles to stay dissolved in the soda.

When a Coke is opened, there is suddenly a significant change in pressure. The sound of this difference in pressure-equalizing itself is known as “the hiss.” The extra pressure inside the bottle drives gas out of the container until both forces are equal inside and outside of the container.

The gas causes the loud hiss that you hear as it moves. When this happens, the pressure inside the bottle is far lower, and the gas bubbles separate from the soda drink through a combination of surface tension and buoyancy.

As they reach the top, they pop, causing little soda explosions. These bursts are responsible for the popping and hissing heard while the container is exposed to fresh air. 

Best Ways To Open A Can Quietly

If you want to avoid making any noise when opening a can, a few methods work better than others.

1. Using A Sharp Object Like A Knife To Open A Can Quietly

Let’s start with an unusual opening of a soda can with a knife or sharp object. It might become somewhat tricky, and you must avoid injuring your hands or fingers in the process. The most important thing we want to accomplish is to create a tiny puncture in the can so that the gas inside may escape. Because the hole here is small, the equalization rate won’t be as quick, resulting in lower hissing sounds

Using the pointed tip of a tiny sharp knife, carefully poke it into the fold where the tab is. Apply pressure along the fold until you create a small hole with your off-hand. The gas will begin to seep out, and you may use your thumb to press down on the tab to open it after a few minutes using this method. 

You can also pierce a hole at the bottom of the can if you use the knife. If you like this approach, make another tiny hole on the side of the can near the top (not the top). Gas will escape through the top opening, and the liquid will flow out through the bottom one if you do this. Keep your glass ready to catch your drink!

2. Use A Dish Towel To Open A Can Quietly

Another way to open a can quietly is by using a dishtowel. This method may work better if the can opener you’re using isn’t as sharp. All you need to do is wet the towel and wrap it around the top of the can so that the folded part of the towel is on top. Hold it tightly in your hand and twist the can opener around the top of the towel. Doing this will create a hole in the top of the can where the gas will escape slowly. You’ll still hear some noise, but it will be much quieter than if you just opened it with your hands.

You only need one dish towel for this technique to work, but you may use as many as you like. What are the benefits of using dish towels? When a dish towel is wrapped around an item, it does a fantastic job of muffling noise. Using this approach, wrapping your soda can in a cloth will dampen both hissing and clicking sounds.

3. Lower The Temperature Of The Can

The air pressure in a pressurized can is reduced by lowering the temperature. This implies you may open the can with slight hissing. It’s not necessary to completely freeze the contents of the can; 10-15 minutes in a freezer should be sufficient to reduce the air pressure without changing the liquid inside.

Once the container has been in the freezer for a sufficient time, remove it and carefully and slowly lift the tab to prevent it from making a loud noise as the seal breaks due to the low temperature.

how to open a can quietly

4. With Your Thumb

The conventional way of opening a can with your hands is to use your thumbs to apply pressure to the top and bottom of the can simultaneously. This will push the tabs outward and break the seal. You’ll then be able to remove the top of the can.

There’s no need to worry about making too much noise when using this technique – make sure you have a firm grip on the can before attempting to open it. It’s also important not to use your fingernails as they may puncture the aluminum.

5. Use A Bottle Opener

If you’re looking for an easy way to open a soda can quietly, a bottle opener is the best option. All you need to do is place the opener on the top of the can so that the blade is touching the aluminum. Push down on the opener to pierce a hole in the top of the can, and then twist the opener to puncture another hole. This will create an opening for the gas to escape.

The hissing noise will be reduced using a bottle opener because it creates two holes instead of one. It’s also less likely that you’ll cut yourself with this tool. You can use any bottle opener for this method, including winged ones or church keys.


Whichever methodology you select, opening a soda can quietly is all about equalizing the pressure. By taking the time to do it slowly, you’ll keep away from any unwanted noise.

Remember that these are simply several methods by which you could quietly open a can of soda. If you have another tip, please share it with us in the comment box.