how to poop quietly

How To Poop Quietly: 5 Tricks To Make Life Easier

Your feces are your own business and no one else’s. Unfortunately, if you’re pooping in the only bathroom in a busy house or a toilet stall in a shared facility, then embarrassing noises may quickly broadcast what you’re up to. Maximizing the distance between yourself and others will aid in making pooping noises harder to hear. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to poop quietly.

Why Should You Poop Quietly?

There are a few reasons why it’s preferable to poop quietly. To begin with, it is polite. Nobody wants to listen to your problems while they’re attempting to do their tasks. Second, if people hear you poop, it might be embarrassing. Finally, and most importantly, loudly pooping can be pretty dangerous. If someone in the adjacent stall hears you pooping loudly, they may become concerned and investigate what’s wrong. This can result in an embarrassing circumstance or even a medical emergency

5 Tricks On How To Poop Quietly

Pooping is a natural function of our bodies, yet we’re taught from an early age that it’s unpleasant, shameful, and ungentlemanly. The stigma surrounding our bowels has fueled uncertainty about what is considered ‘normal.’ It’s even caused anxiety for individuals who are required to do the activity in places other than their own homes.

It is most unlikely that it will cause any long-term problems if you hold it in once, and while this may be true, the ‘just this once’ phenomenon might occur more frequently than you anticipate. In essence, the longer you wait, the less constipated you will get.

1. Make Some Other Noise

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about the volume of your feces coming out. It just happens, and that is fine. However, you may muffle the sound with other noise because you already know how loud it may sound. Music is somewhat helpful. Singing in the bathroom isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing to do, but no one would blame you for playing your favorite song while going number two. The best part is that if you turn up the music loud enough, people outside the stall will hum along even if they can’t hear what you’re saying.

Other people would advise you to cough loudly every time you plop. Please don’t do it. Even if you time the cough and the plop precisely, there’s no assurance that you’ll be loud enough to conceal the plop. Then there’s the option of flushing regularly. It’s a little excessive, but it does work. The e-flat note of most flushing toilets is loud enough to drown out your plop. We understand that it is wasteful and might make you look bad when people hear you flush three or four times, but it works.

2. Cough Loudly

This is a little more difficult, but I’m sure you can manage it. What’s required for this tip is to have a strong understanding of your physique. You can anticipate the sounds produced based on the type of pain or sensation you’re experiencing before the feces come out. For example, you might feel it leaving your rectum, but you also notice a breeze, indicating that you’ll scream other than feces.

Consider this case. So cough loudly, but make it appear natural since uncharacteristic coughing may lead to additional embarrassment. People will understand that you attempted to conceal your illness but failed.

3. Choose The Right Stall To Poop Quietly

To avoid being distracted, pick the correct stall at the farthest end of the room. THE PERFECT stall would be one at the other end of the room. Because the first and second stalls are frequently utilized, you’ll want to avoid them. If someone is already in there when you arrive, take two or three stalls to reduce unsightly noises.

It’s natural to be self-conscious about making eye contact with your colleague after conducting business. If that’s the case, why not use a restroom on a different floor? You’ll also lower the likelihood of running into your co-worker in public restrooms.

4. It’s All About Timing

Be wise about when you choose to go to the bathroom. Choose a time to relax and enjoy being active while everyone else is occupied. If you find yourself alone in the toilet, do your business quickly and stay quiet. They’ll never learn who you are if they don’t wait outside the restroom for you. And that’s just weird, in my opinion.

5. Drop A Chunk Of Toilet Paper Before Pooping

Try this approach if you’re worried about pot sounds possibly dripping in the toilet. Get some toilet paper and lay it over the water within the pot. This is by far the most excellent technique for muffling the sound of feces falling, especially at first. You may also make chucks or toilet paper and place them around the water within the pot to keep your poop away from it.

how to poop quietly

Since it’s a public restroom, many people will use it after you. Even if no one is looking, someone has to clean it. When you’re finished, flush it down!


There are plenty of ways to cover up the sound of your poop, but some are better than others. Just remember that practice makes perfect, so the next time you find yourself in a public restroom, try out some of these tips and see which one works best for you. And if all else fails, smile and say “I’m sorry!” to the person who walks in on you.


Q: How can I stop my poop from making noise?

A: There are a few ways to reduce the sound of your poop, but the best way is to practice. Try out different techniques until you find one that works best for you.

Q: Why should I poop quietly?

A: Pooping quietly is essential if you don’t want to embarrass yourself or the people around you. Make sure to try out some of the tips listed in this article to see which one works best for you.

Q: What are the disadvantages of holding poop for a long time?

A: Holding poop for a long time can cause constipation, anal fissures, and hemorrhoids. It’s essential to try and go when you feel the need, especially if you’re in a public restroom.