How to Stop A Door from Slamming in 10 Quick Fixes

How to Stop a Door from Slamming in 10 Quick Fixes

One of the most common household repair questions is: How to stop a door from slamming?

Slamming doors cannot only be a nuisance they can also be a safety hazard. Getting your doors to close smoothly and properly is one of the best DIY projects you can take on. You’ll get to see immediate results and have the satisfaction of fixing something around the house yourself.

Let’s get into some easy solutions for how to prevent door from slamming.

How to Stop A Door from Slamming Shut?

Are you ready to prevent door slamming? This guide has everything you need to silence that slamming door no matter how loud the door is or what type of door you have.

Let’s figure out how to tame these slamming doors.

1. Use a rubber band

Figuring out how to keep a door from slamming doesn’t need to involve expensive repairs or specialty parts. Sometimes, your everyday rubber band is all it takes to make that door whisper quiet.

This fix couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is grab a rubber band and attach it around the door handles or knobs. Really, that’s it.

The rubber band will cushion the door as it closes and prevent the door from slamming loudly. This solution is ideal for a quick fix that you can do with supplies you already have around the home or office. You don’t need to get any particular kind of rubber band but a larger or slightly thicker rubber band can get you better results. Either bring one home from the office or save the rubber band that comes with your produce when you go to buy groceries.

Wrap the rubber band around the door knobs so that it runs with the locking mechanism between the bands. It’s important to make sure that you don’t accidentally prevent your door from locking properly when using this fix.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more official, you could consider installing a door closer.

2. Install a door closer

This solution can stop slamming doors no matter how big, heavy, or loud they are!

You probably interact with door closers every day of your life without noticing they are there. In fact, if they’re doing their job well you should never notice that a door closer has even been installed.

Door closers are those mechanical devices attached at the top of a door. They work by slowing down doors when they close and ensuring that they shut properly. Installing a door closer will guarantee you that your doors stop slamming, but it will require you to purchase and attach the device.

There is another solution that might not require so much serious hardware.

How to Stop A Door from Slamming Check Hinges

3. Inspect the door hinges

In order to stop door slamming noises from waking you up, you should check the hinges.

Door hinges need to be installed properly in order for the door to both work quietly and as intended. If your door hinges are old, loose, or misaligned, they might be making your door slam as it closes.

The fix here is pretty straightforward. Inspect your door hinges to make sure that they are attached firmly to both the door and the wall. All of the screws should be tight and the door hinges shouldn’t wobble at all. If your door hinges look damaged or aren’t attached right, you might need to have them replaced.

Another quick fix both makes sure doors close silently and increases your home weatherproofing.

4. Use a weather-stripping kit

If you want to keep a door from slamming and make sure your home is weather-sealed, you could always add weather stripping to your door.

Weatherstripping kits come with both weather strips and the glue or adhesive needed to attach them to your door. These trips are primarily meant to prevent drafts, rain, and pests from getting through those small cracks between the door and the door frame. They also help ease the door as it closes which prevents slamming.

In order to install these properly you just need to measure and cut to the length of your door frame. You shouldn’t need professional help or any additional tools outside of a pair of scissors and what comes and the weather stripping kit.

If you’re looking for another out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t require much expertise, attaching felt pads are the way to go.

5. Attach felt pads to the door

Felt pads can keep your door from slamming.

Felt pads come in small packages and have adhesive on one side and felt on the other. In order to install these all you need to do is peel off the cover on the adhesive and stick them into the door frame.

Felt pads work by adding a little bumper when your door closes. This can be an ideal quick fix for older doors and lighter doors that just needed a little bit of extra padding in order to remain silent.

If you’re looking for a more dedicated solution, you can always try specially designed anti-door slamming products.

6. Use the anti-door slam products

Sometimes to stop door slamming noise, you need to bring out a dedicated anti-door slam device.

These products range from sophisticated versions of our earlier rubber band solution all the way up to child-friendly anti-door slamming devices. Whether you’re looking to attach some sophisticated technology to your door that will automatically prevent it from slamming or you want something that matches your interior design and takes a minimalist approach, you can find countless options in the anti-door slamming product-market.

If you want to get a product that serves more than one purpose, you can always try a door seal.

7. Use door seals

Seals are a great way to stop slamming doors.

Door seals were originally designed to prevent drafts from getting underneath your door. However, they can also be used to prevent doors from slamming.

If you take your door seal and place it on the closing side of the door, it can also prevent the door from slamming. The solution is ideal for internal doors and especially during the summer or the winter when you’re trying to conserve your energy cost.

A similar solution to this would be to use a door jamb or a cushion.

8. Cover the door jamb with a cushion

One of the best ways to prevent door slamming is to upgrade your door jamb.

What is a jamb? Well, it’s the part of your door that connects the door to the wall. The jamb is specifically the vertical part of your door’s frame. It’s also called a doorpost.

You can either buy a specialty door jamb with a cushion pre-installed or install a cushion into your existing door jamb. This will solve the problem of slamming doors once and for all.

Sometimes, the problem was slamming doors has less to do with the door itself and more the doors position with the wall. This can damage the wall as well as causing loud slamming noises. There are some fixes to prevent your door from slamming into the wall.

How to Stop A Door from Slamming Door Bumper

9. Protect the walls with a bumper

Learning how to keep a door from slamming is also a great way to protect your walls.

The door slamming problem often involves doors hitting the opposing wall more than hitting the door frame. This can not only cause loud noises, but can also damage and scuff up walls.

You can protect your wall by installing a bumper. There are several types of bumpers, but the two main types of bumpers work like this.

Bumpers can be installed at the base of the wall which keeps them out of sight and prevents the door from hitting the wall with too much force. They can also be installed at the height of the door knob which cushions the door knob from hitting the wall. Which solution will work best for you depends on the size of your door and the style of your door knob or handle.

Doors closing too fast can also cause injuries in addition to unpleasant noises. There is a product out there specifically designed to help protect your fingers from being caught in a door.

How to Stop A Door from Slamming Anti-Door Slam

10. Use finger pinch guards

Do you want to know how to prevent a door from slamming that also keeps your fingers safe?

Pinch guards are ideal for interior design doors that close far too quickly. These products are also great for the doors to your child’s bedroom as they keep their little fingers safe. Door pinch guards are strong foam products that wrap around the edge of the door and prevent it from closing all the way. This will make sure that fingers can’t get caught in the door.

This solution also prevents the door from closing all the way and locking which is why it’s best utilized for interior doors that do not need to be closed all the way or locked.

Final Thoughts On How To Stop A Door From Slamming

We’ve gone over ten different ways that you can use today to prevent your doors from slamming. You’ve gone from DIY Solutions using household rubber bands all the way up to specialty tech designed to prevent doors from slamming. No matter what kind of door you have or what type of slamming problem you are facing, you’re now ready to silence those noisy doors.

Now that you know how to stop a door from slamming, you’re ready to become a household repair champion!