The Best Quiet Blenders You Can Buy

The Best Quiet Blenders You Can Buy

Blenders can be considered the powerhouse of any home cook’s kitchen. They do so much more than simply blend. They grind, whip, crush, puree, and liquefy. You can make smoothies for breakfast, soups for lunch or dinner, and frozen feasts for dessert.

For all the goodness blenders can bring, the downside is that they are not very quiet, so an early breakfast could wake the rest of the house.

However, not all blenders are equal. Some manufacturers put a great deal of effort into making quiet blenders or ones that don’t release quite as many decibels as their competitors.

Quiet blenders can allow you to blend a morning smoothie or juice without the rest of the home being disturbed in the process.

We take a look at the best quiet blenders you can buy right now. We examine the noise-reducing technology that makes them a great buy and provides you with the information to make an informed decision on which is the best blender to suit your needs.

Best Quiet Blenders at a Glance

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Best Overall

Sound: 67 Decibels
Power: 1800W (3.8HP)
Weight: 11.9 lbs
Capacity: 90 oz
Buttons: 10
Programmes: 6

The Blendtec Pro 800 is designed specifically for non-commercial users that still want intense power, low noise, and other premium features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line blender.

The container is enclosed within a second jar, explicitly designed to stop noise from escaping. There is state-of-the-art sound dampening air-flow technology. Together, they reduce the loudness to 67 Decibels which is a quarter of the sound other blenders emit.

The Blendtec Professional 800 is a powerful machine with 3.8 peak horsepower and a 1,800-watt motor. Making it hard to believe that it operates so quietly.

The laser-cut stainless steel blade has a wingtip, two-pronged design that will work quickly to heat up your soup or blend ice or your favorite frozen fruits. The Professional 800 will slice up cored apples in seconds. Even the most challenging ingredients are not a difficulty for this powerful machine.

The Blendtec Professional 800 blender is easy to use and feature-rich, combining blending power, functionality, and versatility.

This is a really quiet and innovative blender that will serve you faithfully for many years and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Vitamix Quiet One Blender

Best for Drinks

Vitamix Quiet One Blender
Sound: 64 Decibels
Power: 2200W (3HP)
Weight: 23 lbs
Capacity: 48 oz
Buttons: 6
Programmes: 34

Vitamix ‘The Quiet One’ is a popular commercial blender that can be found in all sizes of businesses. If you have visited Starbucks, chances are you’ve seen this blending machine on their counter.

Its enclosure dramatically dampens the noise to a more tolerable 64 Decibels. That’s equivalent to the sound of a normal conversation.

Having an almost silent blender will keep everyone in your house happy. If you are looking to use it for your business, your staff and customers will be pleased. It’s safe for your team’s hearing, and it’s not going to overpower your music playlist.

The Vitamix also offers 34 automatic blending programs and 6 shortcut buttons. It has a robust motor that heats using friction heat for cooking or heating soups.

The Vitamix is a little bulky with a premium price tag. They don’t recommend putting any of the parts in the dishwasher. The ultimate reason to get this high-quality commercial-grade blender is the noise reduction technology.

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Best Budget Buy

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender
Sound: 81 Decibels
Power: 15000W (2HP)
Weight: 9.85 lbs
Capacity: 32 oz
Buttons: 1
Programmes: 4

Although this is our budget blender, it is still powerful with a 1500-watt motor with a 2 peak horsepower that provides the kick to its stainless steel blade to rotate for up to 150 mph. The Hamilton Beach blender is strong enough to crush ice or other challenging materials.

It is reasonably quiet at a noise level of 80 decibels and only loses out to the more expensive blenders. Its removable quiet shield makes sure that the noise produced is confined within. The motor noise is also reduced by rubber-mounted components and improved airflow.

The Hamilton is effortless to create perfectly blended smoothies, whole fruit juices, vegetables, hot puree soups, emulsified dressings, and grind spreads. With a variable speed dial, you can control the blending to accomplish great results every time.

You can choose a pre-programmed smoothie, ice crush, or puree settings for one-touch convenience. A tamper is included to help blend thick or frozen mixtures.

Cleaning is effortless. Just put warm water and soap into the canister and press the “clean” button. All its parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

Best Without a Cover

Cuisinart Hurricane Blender
Sound: 64 Decibels
Power: 1500W (2.25HP)
Weight: 23 lbs
Capacity: 60 oz
Buttons: 8
Programmes: 34

Cuisinart has built its brand on hand blenders and has broken into the high-powered blender market with two new blenders, the CBT-1500 reviewed and the slightly more powerful CBT-2000. They are identical except for the motor.

This is not a commercial-grade blender, which is reflected in the price. It is, however, still a well-made and powerful blender with its 2.25 peak horsepower motor (1500W) that is more than enough for day-to-day blending.

The CBT-1500 uses a double housing rather than a cover to keep it running quietly, which is excellent at low speeds. However, when blending at higher speeds, we found it did start to get noisier than those with a cover.

The Cuisinart comes with a touch panel for controls and only two preset steps, high and low, with no variable speed. The CBT-1500 does have a handy built-in countdown timer but is only preprogrammed with Smoothie and Ice Crush Functions.

The CBT-1500 is fitted with a 4-prong stainless steel blade made with a heavy-duty construction which is dishwasher safe and makes anything from hummus to donut batter or frozen drinks with ease.

Apart from the lack of variable speed and a slightly disappointing higher speed noise level, it makes up for it with a generous 60 oz jar. It comes in at a reasonable price and is still quieter than most blenders on the market.

Weston Sound Shield Pro

Weston Sound Shield Pro
Sound: 84 Decibels
Power: 1200W (1.6HP)
Weight: 23 lbs
Capacity: 32 oz
Buttons: 1
Programmes: 0

The Weston sound shield Pro is equipped with a 1200 W power motor (1.6HP). The volume style knob on the front allows for a convenient continuous speed setting. 

In combination with the powerful motor, the tamper makes crushing ice or big chunks of fruit an easy task with a default jar (32 oz.) and a smaller jar (20 oz.) to take your drinks on the go.

The BPA-free plastic jars, tamper, and sound enclosure are dishwasher safe. However, the stainless steel blades in the large jar (32 oz.) are not convenient for handwashing as the blades require tools to be disassembled. 

The sound enclosure is effective in reducing the noise down to 80 decibels. It’s not the quietest in this review, but the sound enclosure does bring the level down from a nuisance noise level of 87 decibels.

Handling the larger jar (32 oz.) is also tricky as there is no handle. Compared to other blenders, the jar is also a little small. However, the smaller jar (20 oz.) is a welcomed addition. Its handling is easy and convenient to carry around as the day starts.

Overall this is a great model. It performs well, is compact and versatile, and comes with a 5-year warranty. Noise reduction is provided and works well, making it a quiet blender, not the most silent, but it’s a lot cheaper than some other quiet commercial blenders.

Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender SV500S

Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender SV500S
Sound: 75 Decibels
Power: 1700W (2.3HP)
Weight: 13 lbs
Capacity: 40 oz
Buttons: 4
Programmes: 34

The Kuvings Vacuum Blender SV-500 has some advantages over your average high-speed blender. It uses revolutionary vacuum technology, comes with a powerful 1700 W 3.5 peak HP motor and six blades that rotate in three dimensions.

The advantage of using a vacuum blender over a regular blender is that the ingredients are not mixed with air during the blending process, making smoothies and soups more nutritious.

The storage tumbler also provides a method of keeping all the nutrients saved during the blending process. As you will also be able to store your smoothies, soups, and purees safely in the fridge, knowing they will still be full of nutrients when you are ready to enjoy them.

With a 3.5-HP motor, the Kuvings Vacuum Blender is even better than many blenders in terms of absolute power. The central power button on the Kuvings SV-500 also functions as a speed dial that manually selects blending speeds up to 32,000 RPM or activates the pulse function.

As a non-commercial high-speed blender, the Kuvings Vacuum Blender has a special sound enclosure designed to dampen the noise created by high-speed blending. The noise-reducing cover muffles the sound of the blender to 75 decibels, making it comfortable when you have guests around.

Wantjoin Professional Soundproof Quiet blender

Wantjoin Professional Soundproof Quiet blender
Sound: 78 Decibels
Power: 2200W (2.9HP)
Weight: 17 lbs
Capacity: 80 oz
Buttons: 3
Programmes: 15

The WantJoin Professional Blender comes with a 2200W motor and dual direction blade technology for powerful blending and consistent power. This high-speed professional countertop blender is perfect for making shakes and smoothies with 38,000 RPM, built-in pulse, and 15-speed settings.

A soundproof shield reduces noise to 78 decibels and avoids splatter and leaking while you’re blending. Inside the shield, the cup is 3-layers thick. This heavy-duty commercial blender uses a big volume pitcher of 80oz (2.2 Liters) suitable for families and parties.

There are many speed selections to choose all from the one central button. The WantJoin blender has a feeding hole in the top of the shield cover and leaves a lid for quickly putting ingredients in from the top lid. The tamper fits through the lid to help blend dense ingredients.

This powerful blender comes with overheat protection and a self-cleaning design. It also has a timing clock that allows you to do something productive and not stand and wait for it to finish.

CRANDDI Blender With Quiet Shield

CRANDDI Blender With Quiet Shield
Sound: 78 Decibels
Power: 2200W (2.9HP)
Weight: 17.6 lbs
Capacity: 80 oz
Buttons: 3
Programmes: 15

The Cranddi Quiet Shield Blender comes with quiet blend technology, and a soundproof cover dramatically reduces noise levels.

A powerful motor offers 2200 watts of blending power and a 6-point stainless steel blade design with dual direction blade technology for powerful blending and consistent results.

This is a high-speed professional countertop blender for shakes and smoothies with speeds of up to 38,000 RPM, a built-in pulse, and 15-speed controls.

This countertop blender has a super huge size capacity of 80oz (2.2L, 8 Cups) BPA-Free Tritan pitcher for 4-6 people. It is the perfect blender for making large batches of baby food, creamy shakes, ice crushing, and smoothies for the entire family or for commercial use.

The Cranddi uses a BPA-Free jar similar to the WantJoin, has a feeding port for putting ingredients in from the top lid and allows the tamper to fit, helping you blend dense ingredients.

This quiet blender comes with overheat protection and a self-cleaning design. The 80oz BPA-Free pitcher is easy to clean, as is the two-piece lid.

There is a non-slip handle and base which help you handle it, and you get a 20oz personal travel bottle (with lids, all dishwasher-safe).

What to Consider When Buying a Quiet Blender

Choosing a blender is a lot harder than picking the flavor of your next smoothie. Some blenders are not cheap, and you will need to put a bit of effort and thought into how you will use a blender and what you plan to blend. We’ve identified six key areas to consider when purchasing a quiet blender for your kitchen.


As this article tries to help you buy a quiet blender, the noise will be the most significant factor. The best blenders will have a powerful motor, and this is where the sound will come from.

Unfortunately, not all blender manufacturers release decibel ratings for their appliances, which would make picking the quietest blender easy. We will try and document these where we have found or measured them; otherwise, we will indicate how it will perform based on the quiet-making features.

For example, some use noise-reducing covers placed directly over the blender container to stop and contain the sound. Some use extra housing around the motor to dampen noise. Other features like rubber gaskets can impact how quiet the blender when in use.

Motor Power

A more powerful motor will produce better final results for your food’s consistency and texture when at the highest speeds. However, this power will make more noise. Cheaper blenders typically have motors that have 300 to 600 watts of power. Some of the more expensive brands can go as high as 1500 to 1800 watts.

Dishwasher Safe

A blender has to be well maintained as it has moving parts and will contain food, so it has to be cleaned well so it doesn’t rust or create buildup.

Some models have self-cleaning capabilities that require soap and a bit of water and press a preset ‘clean’ button for a thorough cleaning. Others need you to disassemble the blender to wash it. Dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up faster if you do have to take the blender apart to clean it.


The quietest blenders achieve noise reduction with an extra cover, and this will take up additional space on your kitchen counter, pantry, or cabinets. 

Ensure you check and understand what parts come apart to correctly store the blender if you do not plan to leave it on your kitchen counter. If you plan to leave it on your counter, make sure the height of the tall cover will clear your overhead cabinets.

Additional Features

Some blenders come with additional equipment as part of a bundle. Tamper, for example, removes air pockets in your blender by pushing the ingredients to help make sure dense, thick foods are blended thoroughly.

Many of the blenders come with two different containers, a single-serve size and a larger container. So here again, consider how you plan to use the blender and decide what, if any, other equipment is right for you.

Some blenders come with two different containers, a single-serve size and a much larger container.


Blenders are an expensive investment, so you want to be sure and check the warranty will protect your purchase if it breaks or stops working.

Most manufacturers offer limited warranties on parts, labor, and shipping. Others have money-back guarantees. Depending on how much you want to spend, you’ll want to ensure the warranty that matches the investment.