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Welcome to our soundproofing adventure.

Unwanted noise can be much more than a minor irritation. It can make your home or workplace stressful places to live in, and it can significantly reduce productivity and sleep quality.

Studies have shown noise is a primary cause of decreased employee productivity.

It is also a proven fact that poor quality sleep can lead to depression, hormone imbalances, general poor performance, and inability to concentrate.

Philip Winston About

Philip Winston

Acoustic Engineer

Philip is now retired. He previously worked in an acoustic engineering role within the consumer electronics industry. Conceiving, designing, integrating, and specifying custom speakers, microphones, and associated hardware as part of complete audio systems for high-volume products. He has a deep understanding of acoustic and structural behaviors, including unwanted noise and vibration considerations.

Zak Ellis About

Zak Ellis

Audio Engineer

Zak has extensive experience setting up, installing, and maintaining a variety of audio equipment. He has worked with loudspeakers, amplifiers, soundboards, microphones, and more. Proficient in the use of digital and multimedia recording and sound applications. Knowledgeable in the area of audio signal processing and has worked producing sound for live shows as well as studio recordings.

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