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Why is My PS4 Fan so Loud and How to Fix it?

Have you ever sat down to play to have a gaming session and wondered why my PS4 is making so much noise? It feels like a plane getting ready to take off in your room. And you are feeling very annoyed.

So you ask yourself, “Why is my PS4 fan so loud? and how can you make it quiet? You’ll get the answer here in this article, and you’ll be comforted to know that you can quieten down your loud PS4 fan. Read on, and we will share some simple techniques to make your PS4 noises disappear making the PS4 whisper quiet.

Please remember that the PS4 is not built to be silent and can sometimes struggle with the graphics and when using it with a 4k game.

Why is My PS4 so Noisy?

There are three main reasons why your Ps4 is so loud. The problem could either be the cooling fan, the hard disk drive or a broken part vibrating.

Noisy Cooling Fans

One of the most common causes of a noisy Playstation is the cooling fans. Sony has designed the fans to eliminate the heat produced by the gaming console and cool the motherboard.

The fans are sucking in air and dust from the room through the vent and using it to cool inside the PS4. Unfortunately, the fan can become dusty, loose, or weak, resulting in some unbearable loud noises and gaming machine nuisances.

Noisy Hard Drive

The hard disk drive of the gaming console could also be the cause of the noise. Generally, hard drives will make low-pitched whirring or whining noises when they’re booting up or accessing/storing data to the drive.

If this starts to get louder and more aggressive, it could be an early warning sign of a failing hard disk drive.

Broken PS4

Over time, the PS4 will accumulate dust particles, lint, and even pet hair. The accumulation of these materials will block different parts of your PS4, making them malfunction.

Any parts of your PS4 which have broken might become loose with time. Components may also wear out after a long period of use and increase vibrations and noises you will get from your PS4.

How do I Stop My PS4 from Being so Loud?

Now that we have discussed the possible causes of the noise that your PS4 is making, we first need to identify the origin of the problem.

Each of these problems requires a different solution.

Identify the Source of the Noise

The first step to fixing the noise issues with your PS4 is identifying the exact cause before applying any solution. Identification ensures you are using the correct solution and not wasting your time.

First, inspect the PlayStation closely for damage and start by listening to the nature of the noise you hear from your PS4. Finding out where the noise is coming from will help identify the source.

With the PS4 and unplugged. If you gently turn it upside down and back again, do you hear any rattling noises from inside of your PS4? Chances are there are some loose parts.

Turning the Playstation back on, can you hear the hard disk spinning up? Is it a low-pitched noise or the same loud whining noise you could listen to before? 

If the noise is coming through the vent from the fans, have you ever noticed the PS4 shutting down due to overheating? The problem is the fan not cooling your PS4 as there is not sufficient airflow.

How to Fix the PS4 Cooling

To work correctly your PS4 fan needs airflow.

Place your PS4 so the Fan is in a Ventilated Area

If your PS4 console is overheating, the fan will start and spin faster than usual to cool the internal components. A quicker spinning fan will sound louder.

If there is something on or around your PS4 console, move them away. Then wait for a while to see if your console cools down and gets quieter.

It is vital you leave enough space around the back and sides of your PS4 to allow for airflow to the vents and stop poor ventilation.

It is common with limited space to place our PS4 console horizontally. Try putting it in a vertical position, as it could eliminate some heat and noise from your console. It’s worth giving it a shot to see if your PS4 can be cooler and quieter.

Ensure the PS4 Fan is Cooling the Inside

Another cause of your PS4 console overheating is the flow of air inside the box. If there is a dust accumulation blocking the path of air, then the box is not being ventilated internally.

If dust or debris is clogging up the fan’s blades, the motor will have to work harder to spin them and make more noise, trying to turn them faster.

It could also be the heat sink fins are clogged with dust, hair, dirt, sawdust, whatever.  It clogs up between the fan and the heat sink where the air has to go.

The easiest and quickest way to clean out your PS4 is to take a can of compressed air and spray it through all the inputs and vents and say goodbye to dust.

Note: Never use a vacuum to clean your PS4, as it will cause damage to the components of your PS4.

Changing the Room Temperature

The temperature of the air in your room can affect the PS4 overheating. The fan is sucking in the air from the room. If the PS4 vent for the fan is near a heat source, try moving your PS4 to a cooler place.

Opening your PS4 Console

We know that a dirty PS4 fan would make the console have louder noises, and if a can of compressed air doesn’t work, it could be time to open your PS4 console to do a deep clean from dust buildup.

A common issue we have seen with a lot of Playstation PS4’s is the quality of the thermal paste around the processor is only on the sides and squished with a minimal amount on the heat sink.

So now may be the time to kill two birds with one stone.


If you proceed with this step, you will lose your PS4 warranty. Therefore, if your PS4 is new or just within the 1-year warranty, send it to Sony or a certified dealership.

Open your Ps4 and Clean it Out

We know that a dirty PS4 fan would make it loud, and if a can of compressed air doesn’t work, it could be time to open your PS4 console to do a deep clean.

Cleaning Repair Tool Kit for PS4 with TR9 Torx Security

  1. To open the PS4, you will need to use a special screwdriver called a T8 or T9 Torx security bit screw to remove the screws. If you don’t have one, you can quickly go to Amazon to buy one.
  2. Remove all the four screws at the back of the PS4 gaming console. Open the device, and you should be able to see the fan.
  3. You can wipe clean the fan’s dust cover using an alcohol cleaning wipe or use a can of compressed air. You can spray compressed air to the other components that have a dust buildup ensuring all components of the PS4 are clear from dust to ensure a smoother gaming operation.

Applying new Thermal paste to the PS4 CPU

  1. Remove the heatsink from the CPU ready to apply some new heat sink paste.
  2. The best way to apply thermal paste to a PS4 CPU is to use the ‘pea’ or ‘dot’ method. With this method, you squeeze the thermal paste onto the centre of the PS4 CPU surface.
  3. The paste will then spread evenly as you apply pressure to the heatsink back onto the CPU.
  4. The rest is up to the PS4 cooling fan and how well you have cleared the airflow is managed in the PS4 case.

The Best Thermal Pastes

Noctua NT-H1 3.5g Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste

ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste

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