how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

How To Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard

Do you live in a city and have a backyard? If so, you know that the sound of traffic can be quite annoying. In this blog post, we will discuss ways to reduce the amount of traffic noise in your backyard.

We will provide tips on how to soundproof your backyard, as well as how to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

What Causes Traffic Noise In My Backyard?

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

If you live in a densely populated area, chances are you’re all too familiar with the noise of traffic. Whether it’s the sound of cars honking, tires screeching, or engines revving, traffic noise can be a real nuisance.

But have you ever wondered what exactly causes this noise? Here are 10 potential causes of traffic noise in your backyard:

1. Honking Horns

Horns are often used to indicate when a driver is angry, frustrated, or in a hurry. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of unnecessary honking that creates excess noise pollution.

2. Screeching Tires

Tires can screech for a variety of reasons, such as when a driver is making an emergency stop or turning sharply. This high-pitched noise can be extremely annoying and can even cause hearing damage if it’s loud enough.

3. Revving Engines

Some drivers like to rev their engines for two main reasons: to show off their car’s power or to make other drivers aware of their presence. However, this can create a lot of unwanted noise, especially if it’s done repeatedly.

4. Playing Music Loudly

If you live near a busy street, you’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of having your peace and quiet interrupted by a car that’s blasting music. While this may not be intentional, it can still be incredibly annoying.

5. Unpaved Roads

Dirt and gravel roads are more likely to cause noise pollution than paved roads. This is because the tires of vehicles create more friction on these surfaces, resulting in more noise.

6. Poorly Maintained Roads

Potholes, cracks, and other damage to a road can also contribute to traffic noise. This is because the irregular surface creates more friction, which leads to more noise.

7. Heavy Traffic

The more traffic on a road, the more likely it is to cause noise pollution. This is because the vehicles create more noise as they travel on the road.

8. Large Vehicles

Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, are more likely to cause noise pollution than smaller vehicles. This is because they have larger engines and tires, which create more noise.

9. Lawn Mowers And Leaf Blowers

If you live near a busy street, you may also be familiar with the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers. These devices are often used to clean up the road, but they can also be a source of noise pollution.

10. Construction

Construction sites are a common source of noise pollution. This is because the construction equipment creates a lot of noise, which can be disruptive to nearby residents.

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

How To Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard

There are a few things you can do to reduce traffic noise in your backyard. Here are some tips:

1. Research

Research the direction of the traffic noise. This will help you understand where to place sound obstructions for the most effective results and help with any noise reduction tips you want to follow.

2. Plant A Hedge

Consider planting a hedge or row of tall bushes along your property line. Not only will this provide some visual screening, but it can also help with sound attenuation.

3. Build A Fence

A solid fence can do wonders for absorbing traffic noise. If you live in an urban area, consider tall brick walls or concrete walls. 

And if you already have a fence, ensure it is in good repair with no gaps or holes. A solid fence will help in blocking sound.

4. Create Acoustic Barriers

Use landscaping features such as a brick wall, fences, and hedges to create “acoustic barriers.” These barriers can absorb or reflect sound waves, reducing the number of loud noises that reach your property.

5. Install Windows

Install windows inserts or storm windows on vulnerable windows. This will serve as a source of sound deflection.

6. Build Fit Doors

Make sure doors fit snugly in their frames and seal any gaps around doors with weatherstripping or caulking. Gaps around doors and windows are one of the main ways that noise enters a home.

7. Install Sound Absorption Panels

You can purchase these commercially or make your own following online tutorials to help reduce noise from traffic.

8. Use A White Noise Machine

If you live in an urban area, chances are traffic noise is a constant background sound. A white noise machine can help to mask this noise and create a more calming environment in your home.

9. Build A Pergola Or Arbor

These structures can provide partial shading and act as noise barriers to block the noise coming from the street. 

10. Place Furniture Strategically

Arrange outdoor furniture in such a way that it blocks the line of sight to the street and creates a noise barrier to the road traffic. 

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

Tips On Decorating Your Backyard

Backyards are a great way to extend your living space and create an outdoor oasis. However, decorating a backyard can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? What should you include? Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Define Your Space

The first step is to figure out how you want to use your backyard. Do you want a place to relax? entertain guests? Let your children play? Once you have a clear idea of how you want to use the space, you can begin planning your design.

2. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Outdoor furniture needs to be durable and weather resistant. Also, keep in mind how much space you have available when selecting furniture. If you have a small backyard, consider opting for folding chairs or benches that can be stored away when not in use.

3. Add Some Color

Brighten up your backyard with colorful flowers and plants. You can also add color with outdoor rugs, cushions, and pillows.

4. Create Privacy

If you live in a crowded neighborhood or close to your neighbors, you may want to consider adding some privacy screens or bushes around the perimeter of your yard. This will create a more intimate space where you can relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard


There are many ways to reduce traffic noise in your backyard. By doing some research, planting a hedge, and creating acoustic barriers, you can enjoy your backyard without the disruptive noise of traffic.

You can also make your backyard more inviting by adding color and privacy screens. With a little planning, you can create an outdoor oasis that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.