How To Reduce Noise In A Call Center

How To Reduce Noise In A Call Center

Are your call center’s agents having trouble hearing over background noise? It can be difficult to control call center noise, especially if you have a small location.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can do to get rid of distracting background noise, enhance client satisfaction and enable your employees to speak more clearly.

What Causes Noise In A Call Center

An excessively noisy call center may be caused by a variety of factors. Agents may be seated too closely together, the air conditioning may be too loud, meetings may be causing noise to flow into the area where calls are being made or both.

How To Reduce Noise In A Call Center

Before you try to find the causes of excessive noise, there is one thing you should know. Hard, level surfaces are better for reflecting sound. This might be your ceilings, walls, or floors.

For instance, if some agents are shouting at the walls of your office, most of that sound may reflect back and echo throughout the space.

Therefore, to reduce background noise in your call center, you need a clever acoustics design.

How To Reduce Noise In A Call Center

The vocal chatter. the sound of phones ringing the sound of keyboards clicking. There are a lot of distracting noises in call centers.

Fortunately, there are practical strategies for lowering background noise in a call center. Continue reading if you want to make your agents’ workspaces quieter so they can work more effectively.

Select Reliable Call Center Software

Of course, call center software is still another crucial piece of gear. Try to find software that has incoming call notifications that appear on the computer screen and ring through to the headset to reduce background noise so you don’t have a room full of 20 phones buzzing simultaneously.

Install Acoustic Panels

These sponge-like black panels, which are most frequently seen on the walls of recording studios, are effective in lowering background noise in contact centers as well. Wall-mounted acoustic panels lowering echo levels, absorb sound, and enhance the room’s quietness.

But there are more options besides installing acoustic wall panels. You can buy acoustic ceiling clouds or hanging baffles if your high ceilings are also generating a lot of echoes. These sound-absorbing objects are wrapped in cloth and suspended from your ceiling.

How To Reduce Noise In A Call Center

Sound Masking System

White noise machines may come to mind when you think about sound masking systems, but they are not the same thing. Engineering a sound to produce a certain combination of frequencies that renders background talk incomprehensible is the basis of sound masking technology. 

If sound masking technology is properly installed, you might be able to hear individuals conversing, but you won’t be able to understand what they’re saying. For call centers where customers are discussing sensitive information over the phone, this is essential.

Expand The Distance Between Call Center Agents 

Increase the distance between your call center’s agents to lessen ambient noise. But in reality, I’m aware that’s not always feasible, particularly if you’re attempting to maximize the number of workers you can house in a single office. If this option isn’t workable, there are thankfully more suggestions below.

If you want sound masking technology implemented at your call center, experts will place speakers that produce this “white noise” sound in or above the tiles of your ceiling. Its sound output shouldn’t be bothersome and could not even be audible.

Select the Proper Headset

One of the most essential pieces of gear for a call center staff is the headset. It is crucial to have a headset with an effective microphone and active noise cancellation. In order to avoid picking up background noise, look for a headset with a cardioid microphone, which only picks up what is directly in front of it. Need assistance selecting a worthy one? See our selections for the top call center headsets.

Instruct Agents On The Proper Voice Volume

Training your employees on proper voice volume is another approach to cut down on background noise in a call center. Naturally, some people speak louder than others. However, if you use the correct kind of microphone and our noise-canceling suggestions, you shouldn’t really need this.

Make sure your call agents receive training so they are aware of how to effectively adjust their voice volume and prevent your contact center from having too much background noise.

Utilize The Krisp Noise Cancellation App

Using a noise-canceling app like Krisp is the quickest and easiest approach to eliminate background noise in a contact center without making any changes to your office space.

You only need to install the app for two-way noise suppression to begin working automatically in the background. As a result, neither your agent nor your clients’ phone lines will be disturbed by background noise emanating from your call center.

Purchase Silent Keyboards

When you’re on calls, you might wish to turn off the familiar call center sound of keyboard tapping. You can purchase quiet keyboards to solve this problem because they don’t produce the standard keyboard’s click-clacking sound. To reduce background noise in your call center, think about purchasing these.

Offer Phone Call Substitutes

Is the call center you work for a customer support service? There are numerous strategies for reducing the number of calls clients must make to get service from you.

Here are a few concepts:

  • Expanding your knowledge base online can cut down on the initial quantity of inquiries from your clients. Include comprehensive documentation and responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Give your consumers the choice to talk to an agent in real-time online without picking up the phone. Chatbots are a fantastic way to reduce phone calls and quieten your call center.
  • Installing acoustic ceiling tiles

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